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where our black soldier fly farm combines sustainable practices with high-quality products. Through their larvae, we transform organic waste into valuable resources like nutrient-rich compost and protein-packed animal fee.
We pay attention to every step of insect production, starting from the farm, production process, to product satisfaction and listening to suggestions, including continuous research and development of products. This ensures we provide products that meet the needs of customers the most and adhere to international standards accepted worldwide.
Black Soldier Fly are valuable in livestock feed formulations due to their high protein content and sustainable production. Discover the key benefits of incorporating these larvae into animal diets.
High-quality Protein
Rich in Amino Acid Profile
Good source of lipids and essential fatty acids.
Naturally high calcium and mineral content
Promote gut health, leading to improved nutrient absorption, digestion, and animal performance.

The Power of Black Soldier Fly

Discover the nutritional advantages of adding Black Soldier Fly
to your pet’s diet.These BSF offer a host of benefits
while promoting sustainability in pet food production.
Superior Protein Source
Black Soldier Fly larvae are packed with high-quality protein, essential for your pet's muscle development, growth, and overall well-being. They provide a sustainable and nutrient-rich protein option for your beloved companion.
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Rich in Minerals
As your pets need (especially Reptiles) such as super-high calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, zinc, and potassium.
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Balanced Amino Acids
These larvae offer a well-rounded amino acid profile, including vital amino acids that support your pet's growth, maintenance, and immune system.
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Digestive Health and Optimal Nutrient Utilization
thy digestion and enhance nutrient absorption in pets. By incorporating these larvae into your pet's diet, you support their digestive health and ensure optimal utilization of essential nutrients.
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Essential Fatty Acids for Vitality
Black Soldier Fly larvae are an excellent source of lipids and essential fatty acids, crucial for energy production, cell function, and the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. These nutrients contribute to your pet's vitality and overall health.
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Unlocking the Benefits of
Black Soldier Fly Frass as a Fertilizer


Discover how DBD One farms and factories contribute to a sustainable world. Their environmentally friendly practices and diverse applications make a significant positive impact.
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